Htwe Oo Myanmar Puppet Theatre (Myanmar)

Mr. Khin Maung Htwe 

Founding Artistic Director

Puppetry as a family tradition. Performance for 2014 Falling in Love with ASEAN +3 Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand. (Image from Teatrong Mulat collection)

Htwe Oo Myanmar Puppetry Home is a theatre group that performs and preserves their cultural heritage of string puppetry— the Traditional Burmese Puppet. 

Traditional Burmese Puppet is a well-known puppetry art form that originated during the 15th century. It was used as part of a sacred celebration and also to gain merit from the King. During the peak of Burmese Puppets, they were acknowledged as someone who has lived and their performances pertain as high art while actual human performances were considered as low. These wooden dolls asserted freedom of speech more than the people living in the country. Voice-overs of the puppets were used to hear the unheard voices of the people towards the transgression of Royal Families and corruption that saved thousands of lives. 

Today, Htwe Oo Myanmar Puppet Theatre stages Myanmar’s myths and folklores accompanied by musicians with their traditional Burmese instruments.  Some of Htwe Oo Myanmar Puppet Theatre performances are about traditional legends like (1) The Hermit (Bo-daw), (2) Prince and Princess that dwells about love, and many more. 

Htwe Oo Myanmar Puppet Theatre is dedicated to preserving Myanmar’s fading art form by performing not only for local but also international audiences . [1, 2]

Contact Details

Ms. Tin Tin Oo during the 2016 ASEAN Puppetry Festival in Hanoi, Vietnam (Photo from Teatrong Mulat Collection)

Contact details

Contact Person: Khin Maung Htwe

Facebook: @htweoomyanmarpuppetryhome


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Address: No.12 – Yama Street, Ahlone Township, Yangon (Rangoon) 11121, Myanmar

Phone: +95 9 512 7271, +95 1 211942